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ANSI porcelain bushing for transformer (15~27kV/50A )

ANSI Type High Voltage Bushing Assemblies:<br> 27KV-150KV BIL , 15KV-110/125 KV BIL , 38KV-200/250KV BIL<br> ANSI Type High Voltage Bushing Insulators:<br> 15kV-95kV BIL, 25kV-150kV BIL, 18kV-125kV BIL, 25kV-150kV BIL, 34.5kV-200kV BIL, 8.7kV-75kV BIL<br> ANSI Type Low Voltage Bushing Assemblies:<br> 1.2 kV Class 30 kV BIL Eyebolt Style, Porcelain Bushing, Threaded Shank 1.44" Dia Tank Hole Size<br> ANSI Type Low Voltage Bushing Insulators:<br> 1.2 kV-30 kV BIL, 1.2 kV-45 kV BIL, 2.5 kV-45 kV BIL, 2.5 kV-60 kV BIL, 5.0 kV-75 kV BIL


Product description


ANSI  porcelain bushing for transformer outline dimensions (15~27kV/50A )


Sequence Number Code Model Dimensions Arcing distance Creep distance Shield Weight
H h2 d1 h1
1 AM.MEA.001 ANSI-15/50 485 184 101 157 310 5 single umbrella 2.8
2 AM.MFA.001 ANSI-18/50 541 184 101 214 480 8 single umbrella 3.5
3 AM.MGA.001 ANSI-27/50 722 235 107 344 830 12 single umbrella 5


Note: Other specifications can be customized according to customer needs.



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