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Epoxy bushing for transformer (10kV/315A)

It is the insulating sleeve that leads the transformer's internal high and low voltage leads to the outside of the oil tank, which not only insulates the ground as the lead, but also plays the role of fixing the lead.<br> Therefore, the transformer sleeve has the following requirements:<br> (1) it must have specified electrical strength and sufficient mechanical strength.<br> (2) must have good thermal stability, and can withstand the short circuit of the instant overheating.<br> (3) small appearance, small quality, good sealing performance, strong universality and easy maintenance folding.


Product description


Epoxy bushing for transformer outline dimensions ( 10kV/315A)


Sequence Number Code Model Dimensions Opening Arcing distance Creep distance Picture Weight
H h2 d0 h1
1 AM.FDA.001 BFG-10/315 355 100 72 178 530 A 1.9
2 AM.FDA.002 BFG-10/315 279 62 72 178 530 B 1.8


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